AOM Airline Service provides study abroad program both in Australia and New Zealand for specifically airline industry. In addition, both training centres offer their facilities for professional airline companies for training purpose and we are in charge of liaison between both facilities and professional airline companies.

Now there are lots of changes in Japanese airline industry and became more competitive market due to entering LCC airlines for not only domestic but also foreign airline companies. Japanese government is steadily promoting regulatory reform for airport construction, management and competition in airline industry and Japanese airline industry is reaching turning point of the business situations.

In April, 2013 Kansai International Airport (KIX) and Gold Coast Airport (OOL) signed a Memorandum of Understanding regarding a strategic Partnership between Gold Coast Airport and Kansai International Airport in order to build on strong LCC business and current air services linkages. Based on the above situations, Australia is more important business partner for Japanese airline industry.

Aviation Australia in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia is the only training organisation in Australia that provides students with engineering qualifications recognised by both the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) (EASA credits are transferable internationally). Their training programs comprehensively cover every subject required under the CASA CASR Part 66 and EASA Part 66 basic requirements.

Engineering students train on operational fixed and rotary winged aircraft using the latest training aides & equipment, ensuring comprehensive, all round training. Aviation Australia is also the first independent Cabin Crew training facility in the Asia-Pacific region.

Travel Career & Training is Top airline school in New Zealand and highly recognised by major airline companies and travel & tourism industries corporate and New Zealand Government. There are several Japanese students who had already completed course at New Zealand School of Tourism and successfully joined the airline companies. 91% of students gained the employment and 92% of students have satisfied their course and New Zealand School of Tourism maintains high quality of their courses.

In order to become more strong position in Asia Pacific market, Japanese airline industry is required to challenge effective business management and strategy in Asian market.

Both Australia and New Zealand airline industry follow under a strict regulatory compliance and they provide certain training programs for domestic and international students. Now their facilities are used for professional airline companies in Asia Pacific region for training purpose and we hope to assist and promote Japanese airline industries and build strong business key network between Australia and New Zealand airline industries.

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  AOM Limited. ( AOM Airline Service )

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  Shiroyama Trust Tower 27F 4-3-1, Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-6027







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 Representative   Director

  Yayoi Ashikaga


  23 March 1992


・Visa Support & Consulting / Education agent

Consultant Profile

Managing Director  Yayoi Ashikaga

Originally studied Music and started my career in Airline industry in Japan. I was Computer programmer for Computer Reservation System (CRS: AXXESS) and after obtained Tourism certificate, I worked as a tour guide in Queenstown, New Zealand.

After I returned to Japan, I became involved in Australia for long-term as an immigration officer.  Based on my career background, I believe Tourism, Airline and Immigration are always link and I home my career background would assist Japanese airline industry and enhance my strength and strong network between Australia and New Zealand.my photo

AOM Visa Consulting was founded in 2010 and continue to assist both Australia & New Zealand Immigration and provide consulting and now we challenge airline industry as new filed and I hope to leverage my skills and whole my business career background in order to promote Airline industry.

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Marketing Manager  Keiko Osada

r spending three years in high school in the US, following my graduation from university I joined Japan Airlines.  During the seven and a half years I worked as an International flight attendant, I visited 28 countries and experienced four months on a flight co-operated with Qantas and New Zealand Airlines. I received the highest qualification for in-flight passenger announcements in English and was therefore responsible for all announcements during my flights.Keiko - profile 2

After leaving JAL, I joined the Department of Home Affairs at the Australian Embassy in Japan. As a Senior Visa Officer, over the following 16 years, I was responsible for making decisions on tens of thousands of Visa applications.